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100% Safe and Cheap FIFA Coins

At McFut, our main objective is to keep your account safe and sound when you buy coins from us. We have several years of experience in FUT Coins delivery. We make use of the most up-to-date system to transfer the FIFA coins 100% to your EA account safe and very cheap. Not only that, but we receive concerns from our customers regarding safety from the previous experiences that they've had with other websites and how they got banned or coin-wiped or warned by EA after they received their coins from those sites, and we assure them that none of such things will ever happen to their account when they buy from us. We have an exclusive 100% safe and automated platform by which you can safely buy coins of FIFA and transfer them to your console. The supported consoles are: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC / Stadia.


Buy FIFA Coins Safe

Our system is designed to transfer coins to your EA / Origin account without getting your account banned. We have set daily limitations and also the method by which the coins are transferred is 100% safe. Unlike other websites that care only about the money, we put our customer's safety to the priority, and as a result, they can transfer fewer coins per day compared to the other websites, but at the end of the day, we have the lowest possible rate of account ban.

The safety measures we have taken in buying FIFA coins include:

  • Daily coin transfer limit
  • Limitation in the BIN price of players in Player Auction
  • Limit in the number of players you trade in 24 hours

Consequently, we guarantee the safety of your account up to 48 hours when you buy FIFA 23 coins from us, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Buy FIFA 23 Coins Cheap

There are many advantages of buying your FUT coins from McFut. One is the cheap prices we offer for the coins. In fact, our automated system enables us to sell the coins cheaper than many other sites that sell coins manually. There is no human interaction in the process of coin transfer. Therefor, less error, less human resources and less payment for the users. Moreover, we cover the 5% tax of EA. It means, you will only pay for the coins you receive on your EA account. No extra fees. That's the cheapest possible price for FIFA 22 Coins.

We often give special discounts for the coins whenever there's a FUT event or news. You may be the lucky one who gets extra discounted FIFA Coins at the time you want to buy. Please check our Instagram regularly for giveaways. We sometimes offer free FIFA Coins for lucky users on Instagram. Some reward for being loyal to us and following our social media channels.

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